Cloud Faxing

Thinking of moving your fax environment to the cloud?

Here are three reasons to make the switch, and how Atticus Consulting can help.

Cost Savings

Moving your fax infrastructure to the cloud allows you to reduce, or in many cases eliminate, the cost of sending and receiving faxes over traditional phone/fax lines. By utilizing the internet connection already in place for fax transmissions, you pay for only the capacity you use with no fixed line costs or long distance charges. Cloud-based solutions also eliminate the time and money associated with fax server software and hardware maintenance costs.


Most cloud-based fax services provide built-in redundancy, improving reliability without the need for duplicating hardware environments.


A cloud-based solution provides on-demand scalability. For companies with fluctuating fax volumes this is critical to avoid falling short of needed capacity or paying for more capacity than needed.


Because we care about our clients

Atticus Consulting is committed to providing excellent service, quality products and valuable solutions to help your corporation reach its goals. With our expertise and market knowledge, you can depend on Atticus Consulting for successful integration into your existing environment.